Exam skills: How do I evaluate

AQA A level Sociology
Exam skills: How do I evaluate

Here is my most tried and tested method for getting top marks in your Sociology A Level exams. Firstly you want to familiarise yourself with what you will be marked on. Analysis and evaluation will always get you higher marks so here are some tips on how.

A Level Sociology is marked by the following:

  1. AO1 Knowledge and Understanding:
    The examiner is asking you to:
    Demonstrate what you know
    Outline theories
    Define key terms ideas and concepts and who what it means
    Range of research methods and sources
    Practical, ethical and theoretical issues in sociology
  2. AO2 Application:
    The examiner is asking you to:
    Apply what you know to the item above in the question
    Show how the material, theories, research, methods, examples you use are relevant to the question being asked
    Have you answered the question
  3. AO3:
    Analysis: Explain the point or issue being raised in the question. How the idea works, give examples that shows deeper understanding, mention the impact of the idea on a specific group.
  4. How do I know I am evaluating:
    Ask yourself the following and you are on the right track to evaluation:


Making critical points
Making Judgements
Reaching Conclusions based on arguments for and against a view
Strengths of the argument
Weaknesses of theories, evidence, arguments
Alternative theoretical viewpoint
Who might criticise this argument
Research or evidence to support the argument
What does it not explain
Does it explain the issue in contemporary society.

What tips did you find most useful?

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