Our tutors specialise in Psychology, Criminology and Sociology

Confidence and motivation go hand in hand. You’re wanting to increase in these areas. You want to improve your understanding and ability, enhance your learning and achieve higher grades. Today our lives are busier than ever, you want to get the best grades you can and develop so you are ready to progress to exams, further study, or a career. You’re not sure where to start, need to focus, feel you need that extra motivation to get going. You are feeling the pressures that life brings. Your future is important to you. If that’s you our experienced tutors offer private online tuition. We can help you overcome your educational anxieties and provide you with a space to learn with an expert who can understand your individual learning style and be responsive to your needs. We’ve been there ourselves, we get you. We understand the stakes are high and our tutors work with you collaboratively so you can reach your potential. We specialise in ensuring that you as an individual feel comfortable, confident and provide enabling sessions that empower you.

Online Tutoring:

GCSE & A Levels

Understanding course content, structuring exam questions, past papers, homework help, academic mentoring. Exam prepar

GCSE & A Levels
University Students

Essay structure, research skills, essay plans, proofreading and editing, English as a foreign language. Exam preparat

University Students
Cambridge International & AQA

Understanding course content, structuring exam questions, past papers, homework help, academic mentoring. Exam prepar

Cambridge International & AQA

Why Online Tuition

Edwards Tutoring specialise in Online tuition. With our personable approach we are able to communicate effectively with our students. This is facilitated using online whiteboards as the tool to share and amend live documents, interact via video, watch relevant content. Student and tutor can annotate work and write notes at the same time. You have privacy, you do not need to leave your home or worry about making travel arrangements. Your lesson can take place wherever you have a laptop or tablet and wifi. Meaning greater flexibility. It’s efficient and easy both student and tutor can save the lesson to PDF meaning you have all your tutoring documents in one easy place, simplifying the task for you.

About Our Tutors

We are specialist tutors helping students to achieve their academic goals. Our tutors specialise in Psychology, Sociology and Criminology. We tutor all students from GCSCE, A Level’s, Undergraduate, Post Graduate, PHD and international equivalents.

Our inspiring, passionate tutors are highly professional, experienced in their field of study, pride themselves on connecting with students which makes our students feel empowered, confident and able to achieve.

Edwards tutoring’s founder, Sarah Edwards is an expert in her field of criminal justice, with over ten years experience working in the profession. Sarah holds an Upper Class Degree in Psychology and Criminology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Criminal Justice.  She has extensive knowledge of Psychology, Criminology and Sociology. Sarah has successfully tutored students with their exams, essays, PHds, dissertations and has also helped students with career development. Sarah has the ability identify your specific needs and ensure that you finish a lesson feeling confident and motivated.

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